Priced at $79,500, this exceptional 5 acre property provides a rare opportunity to own a magnificent piece of western Maine at a fraction of the cost of  comparable view lots in greater Sunday River area.

Surveyed in 1991, the property is one of 7 lots in the 218 acre compound. This unique property enjoys one of the finest views in the  region, and is the first lot and to be offered to the general public.

Swift Valley View is located  left off route 120, 4.5 miles north of the intersection of route 2 in Rumford. This unique property is situated on a mountain-side ridge 1/2 mile up on the private Swift valley View gravel road.

View rights will be deeded to ensure that all lots enjoy the legal right to preserve and maintain their magnificent view panorama.

Road association membership apportions the cost of road maintenance among the lot owners equitably.  Dues are paid annually.  Membership is a deeded requirement. Current year dues will be paid by the seller.

Deeded protective covenants ensure that your property's investment value is preserved and enhanced by any development activity.  Covenant highlights include:

  • No mobile homes or year round permanent trailer homes.
  • No further subdivision
  • A foundation or slab required
  • Maximum construction period duration of 1 year from start to completion
  • Conventional wood, shingle, or vinyl siding (no tar paper or uncovered sheathing)
  • Minimum building set backs from property lines
  • Natural woodland barriers along property lines - excluding view cuts and driveways
  • Restricted to Residential use
  • Minimum square footage requirement

  • Soils have been tested and reported suitable for a septic system by a soil engineer. 
  • Water: Well water (to be drilled by buyer). 
  • Electricity:  Negotiable at purchase through a supplemental agreement, the buyer can have power brought to the lot for a fraction of cost doing so alone. 
  • Phone - Available if the buyer chooses to have power brought to their lot. 

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